Our mission is to help transition the world to anonymity and privacy preserving interactions.

Most interactions on the internet, whether it is communications, search, or even checking the weather are not anonymity nor privacy preserving. Users who interact with companies knowingly and often unknowingly give up a significant amount of data and meta-data.

Even if little pieces of data might not seem that valuable to a private individual, attackers and hostile entities collecting large amounts of this seemingly trivial data can develop a massive financial, social and political leverage on people as a whole, or even sometimes against individuals as well.

While there are initiatives and even laws in some jurisdictions around the world to handle user’s data properly, the requirements and especially the implementations are inadequate. Most just delegate this responsibility to the companies, even if there are proper cryptographic tools that could be used to keep this responsibility at the user where it belongs.

In line with our mission we will help introduce tools, procedures, software and laws, that will help users retain control over all aspects of anonymity and privacy in all interactions.